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Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards


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Ottawa: (613) 722-2613 x701 or Toronto: (416) 751-1010 x701
" It's the combinations that interest me: business and law, education and experience, advice and action, theory and practice, independence and teamwork, technology and creative content. "
Byron Pascoe

Byron Pascoe


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Ottawa: (613) 722-2613 x702 or Toronto: (416) 751-1010 x702
" Having run our own creative businesses, we understand the needs of our creative clients. "


Health and Wellness Manager

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You're really going to try and email me? I'm a dog.
You're really going to phone me? I'm a dog.
" I have nearly half a decade of experience in quadrupedalism. Applying that experience, along with magnetic sociability, ensures minimal stress for co-workers and clients. "