Development Agreement

What is a Developer Agreement?

A Developer Agreement is an agreement between a Creator and a production company or a production company and an Exhibitor to develop a concept for a film or television series, typically with an option to license.

Development Agreements at Edwards Law

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Thank you for helping us through a stressful time.

“Thank you for helping us through a stressful time. You helped educate and explained what we were up against while still helping us feel like we weren’t in a hopeless situation. Thank you!”

Devon Williamson
Founding Partner
Berners Bowie Lee

A genuine, creative, talented team

“A genuine, creative, talented team that is responsive, and truly gets the entrepreneur’s journey. A voice of calm reason and inspiration whenever it’s needed, on top of a breadth of experience. You can’t ask for better representation for any creative endeavour.”

Daniel Crenna
Principal Consultant
Conatus Creative Inc.

Will be using their services for years

“Byron is very responsive and always on time despite our super fast deadlines. Will be using their services for years to come :)”

Amir Zargara
Become the Wounded

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