Canada Day: The perfect day to support Canadian Content


Especially if it turns out to be a rainy day, Canada Day is the perfect day to support Canadian content – Canadian films, music, TV series, web series, video games, and more.

Buy it. Watch it. Play it. Share it.

Want some ideas?

Films: While there are many Canadian feature film options on Netflix, also check out Canada Screens, a video-on-demand streaming service focused on delivering Canadian feature films. You can also join First Weekend Club to help support Canadian films in their crucial first week at the box office. The NFB is another option with its library of over 3,000 docs, features and animated films.

Music: While you can spend time on the “Made in Canada” section of Apple’s App Store for featured music (and TV, movies, books, apps and games), also review this year’s Polaris Music Prize long list of 40 Canadian records not to be missed.

TV Series: There’s Orphan Black on CraveTV, Between on Shomi, and series available on the broadcaster’s websites such as CBC’s Schitt’s Creek. Among many other options, there’s Hard Rock Medical, which airs on TVO and APTN, and the website provides some episodes.

Web Series: From VanossGaming to Epic Meal Time to ASAPScience, there is much CanCon on YouTube to explore.

Video Games: Canada’s video game industry is one of the world’s largest, so whether you’re playing a game based on the latest Hollywood film, or an original title funded through Kickstarter, it’s possible that you are playing a game that was partially or fully developed and/or produced in Canada. The Canadian Videogame Awards’ list of winners and nominees is one of many places to find Canadian games to play.

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If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start taking an extra interest in content made in your Canadian neighbourhood, it’s Canada Day.

Now it’s your turn to recommend Canadian content to someone. What will you recommend?

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