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Film and Television production is an aggregation of intellectual property rights. Every product requires dozens of agreements. As a creator, producer, exhibitor or distributor, your focus is on creation, production, and exploitation of a film or television series. Leave the legal aspects to us.

Our Entertainment Lawyers are available to assist with all of your film or television production’s legal requirements from incorporation, to concept, script and life-rights options, cast and crew employment and freelance agreements, production services and co-production agreements, clearances, releases, financing agreements, and licences.

Film and Television Agreements

We offer Agreements for every aspect of the development, production and distribution of film or television projects. Some of the agreements we draft or review most frequently are discussed below. Don’t see the agreement you need? Contact us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your situation and to provide an estimate for our services.
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Option Agreement

An agreement between a Producer and a Creator that gives the production company the "option" to purchase the rights to the "creative work" and sets out the terms of the resulting licence.

Development Agreement

An agreement between a Creator and a production company or a production company and an Exhibitor to develop a concept for a film or television series, typically with an option to license.

Production Services Agreement

An agreement between a Producer or Exhibitor and a production company or studio to produce a film or television series as a service.

Co-production Agreement

An agreement between two or more production companies to produce a film or television series together, often under one of Canada's many international audio-visual co-production treaties.

Financing Agreement

An agreement between a production company (borrower) and a lender (bank or finance company) to provide production funding by lending against tax credits, licences and other receivables.

Investment Agreement

An agreement between an investor and a production company under which the investor purchases an interest in the production company or its film or television series.

Sales Agency or Distribution Agreement

An agreement between a sales agent or distributor and a production company to sell the production company's film or television series to exhibitors in Canada and around the world.

Cast and Crew Agreements

A wide range of employment and freelance agreements between a production company and the cast, key creatives and crew of a film or television series.

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