Yowza! Animation

Yowza! Animation

Founded in 1996 by Claude Chiasson, Yowza! Animation is a Toronto-based Animation Studio headed by owner Heather Walker and her talented team; in fact, they had grown so much by 2016 that they decided to move to a 9000 square foot industrial clock factory suite.


Heather lives and breathes animation. She has 30 years of animation industry experience under her belt, has worked in top positions for some of Canada’s largest animation studios, has travelled the world and has worked with a diverse range of networks across North America.


Yowza! Animation’s pipeline is fully capable in traditional/tradigital. 2D (representing 90% of their work), 3D, as well as hybrid 2D/3D with hundreds of licenses in use for popular animation software providers such as ToonBoom, ZBrush, Blender and Adobe Creative Suite.


Yowza! Animation provides a healthy work environment for their employees, which they believe, contributes to a creatively empowered work culture. Their clients include top broadcasting and production companies such as Warner Brothers, Walt Disney Animation Studios, CBC Kids, Cartoon Network and Paramount. Just a few (from the long list) of the titles they have worked on include Hercules (1997), Eight Crazy Nights (2002), Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll (2015), Klaus (2019) as well as the reboots of Looney Tunes Cartoons and Animaniacs (2020-Present).


Source: Yowza! Animation, Wikipedia

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