Adam Walters & English Tree TV

Introducing Adam

Adam Williams-Walters has successfully combined his passion and talents for music, song writing, storytelling, directing, film making, animation, art, and education all into one.  After graduating from the University of Ottawa, Adam pursued a career in South Korea, teaching English to kids.

During his 5 years in South Korea, he founded English Tree TV – a brand of original songs, stories, and cartoons to help kids learn, laugh, and grow.  He is now the creator of the kids animation brands English Tree TV, The Alphabuddies, Árbol del Español, and Adam’s Classroom.  Adam writes and performs the music, creates the characters and storylines, and has animated most of his videos too – a triple kids animation threat!

Online Success

English Tree TV and Adam’s various other brands have now garnered over 2 billion views and 2 million subscribers on YouTube alone; English Tree TV  (1.5 million subscribers!) and Alphabuddies. His songs and shows can also be found on dozens of streaming platforms and broadcasters around the world.


Music Career

Adam recently launched his non-kid’s music career, under his name Adam Walters, and has quickly amassed over 10,000 Subscribers and 1 million views in 6 short months on YouTube.  For his music videos check out Adam Walters on YouTube.


Adam Walters + Edwards Creative Law

The legal services the law firm has provided to Adam for many years includes assisting with distribution agreements, agency deals, joint venture arrangements, app licensing contractors, independent contractor agreements, music rights agreements, and much more. We also help Adam navigate legal services outside the scope of Edwards Creative Law’s focus, for example with registering trademarks.

If you’re a content creator like Adam, we’d be happy to chat about how we can support your creative business too. Source: English Tree TV

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