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We help creators and developers protect and exploit their video games, apps and other interactive digital media.

Video games and apps present a unique set of legal considerations. In addition to the legal aspects of developing and exploiting your video game or app, you may need to address data collection, safe operation and responsible behaviour in public forums. Our team of experienced video game and app lawyers can advise you on all of legal aspects of your video game or app project and provide the agreements you need to acquire, finance, develop, protect and exploit your video games and apps.

At Edwards Creative Law, we have first-hand experience developing video games, and the legal expertise to protect your intellectual property. Explore our video game and app services or contact us today to discuss your project.

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We draft, review, negotiate and advise on every type of video game and app agreement.

Apps are ubiquitous in modern life and the popularity of video games continues to grow.  Creators and developers must ensure that their rights in their games and apps are protected. Leave the legal aspects to us, so that you can concentrate on development, production and exploitation of your game or app.

Our video game and app lawyers are able to assist you with all of your video game and app project’s legal requirements, from incorporation to concept acquisition, employment and independent contractor agreements, end user licence agreements, development agreements, publishing agreements, financing agreements, clearances, terms of use and privacy policy.

Video Game and App Law Agreements

We offer agreements for every aspect of the development, production and publication of video games and apps. Below are some of the agreements we provide most frequently. Don’t see the agreement you need? Contact us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your situation and to provide an estimate for our services.
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Independent Contractor Agreement

An agreement between a developer and an individual or corporation hired by the developer to provide certain services.

Option Agreement

An agreement giving one party the option, but not the obligation, to license or purchase certain rights with respect to a property so that they may develop it.

Publishing Agreement

A video game agreement between a developer and a publisher to allow the publisher to release the video game to the public and to negotiate platform deals.

Terms of Use/End User Licence Agreement

An agreement between a rights holder and the users of the video game or app setting out what rights a user has with respect to the game or app and what they are not permitted to do.

Financing Agreement

An agreement between a developer (borrower) and a lender (bank or finance company) to provide development funding by lending against tax credits, licences and other receivables.

Investment Agreement

An agreement between an investor and a development company under which the investor purchases an interest in the development company or the assets it is developing.

Privacy Policy

A statement describing how a company collects, uses and stores personal information it collects from its users.

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