International Services

Are you considering a creative industries business opportunity in Canada?

Our team of entertainment lawyers works with you to manage the legal complexities of creating, protecting, buying and selling creative services in Canada.

International Services

with Canadians

In joint ventures, partnerships, and co-productions with Canadian companies (with or without a treaty), we make sure our international clients take maximum advantage of the benefits the Canadian industry offers.

from Canadians

When international clients are buying or licensing creative content or services from Canadians, nothing is left on the table. We want you to get exactly what you paid for – nothing less will do.  

to Canadians

If you’re selling your creative content or production or financial services to Canadians, we guide you through the process, identifying and mitigating the risks, protecting your interest.


We deal with the provincial and Canadian cultural tax credits (film and television, online and IDM) and independent production funds every day – we use that daily experience to bring our international clients up to speed, quickly.

International Client Success Stories

Our client Pelee Entertainment has been selected to be part of RDVCanada’s Meet the Series program. RDV recently announced on its website th...

Pelee Entertainment

Insights into the issues, challenges and opportunities for international clients working in Canada.

12 / February / 2021

“Work Made for Hire” Explained: Introduction   The phrase “work made for hire” is commonly found in entertainment industry contracts—particularly with regard to independent...

We’ll ensure you are informed and protected while working in Canada. Contact us to learn more.