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We help our Entertainment Industry clients establish and maintain their Business Structures – Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Corporations.

Entertainment Industry creators, producers, developers, publishers, exhibitors, and those working with them or for them, all need an effective business structure. Whether you are operating as a sole proprietor, a partnership, a joint venture or a corporation, our lawyers and Corporate Services team are here to help you establish and maintain an appropriate business structure for your creative business.

At Edwards Creative Law, we are both lawyers and business owners, with years of experience in helping clients manage their business structures and corporate affairs. Check out our business and corporate services and let us help you address your business needs.

Canadian Business and Corporate Lawyers

Our Business and Corporate Law Services

We advise on, establish and maintain appropriate Business and Corporate Structures for your Entertainment Industry business.

Entertainment is a creative business. An appropriate and well-maintained business structure is critical – to facilitate collaboration, allocate benefits as well as responsibilities, protect against business risks and ensure tax efficiency.

Our lawyers are experienced in advising our clients on an appropriate business structure for their circumstances – from sole proprietors to corporations, from partnerships to joint-ventures. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each, then establish, register, and maintain your choice of business structure – clearing and registering your business name, partnership and joint venture agreements, incorporation, corporate changes, purchase or sale transactions, reorganizations, and annual corporate maintenance.

Corporate Law Services

We advise and assist in every aspect of establishing and maintaining your business and corporate structure. Some of the most common services we provide are described below. Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your situation and to provide an estimate for our business and corporate services.
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We advise on the pros and cons of incorporation, share structure, officers and directors. We incorporate, prepare opening resolutions, issue shares and complete the required government filings.

Shareholders’ Agreement

An agreement between shareholders to govern their relationships with each other, management of the corporation and dealings with third parties.

Corporate Maintenance

A corporation comes with regular maintenance obligations, particularly to shareholders and government bodies. We help clients meet these requirements.

Corporate Reorganization

As our clients’ businesses grow, their corporate structures may need to adapt – to be restructured or reorganized, or to add or remove shareholders, directors or officers.

Investment, Purchase or Sale

Agreements to invest in, purchase or sell a business.

Amalgamation / Dissolution

Single-Purpose Production Companies, for use on specific projects, are typically wound down at the end of the project by amalgamation or dissolution of the SPPC.

“Rollovers” (Sections 85, 86, 51)

Transferring assets to or between corporations may create tax consequences – good or bad. We prepare the transfer agreement and corporate structure based on your circumstances and the advice of your tax advisor.

Partnership and Joint Ventures

Collaboration can take many forms, other than corporate. We advise on and create partnership, joint venture, co-production and similar agreements.

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Testimonials From Our Corporate Clients

We are pleased to share feedback we have received from our Corporate clients

This team knows the industry inside and out.

“Byron and his team are the best! He has guided me through the first couple of years of owning my production company and he is the first person I contact when I have a question about making sure my company is protected and has the best legal resources available.”

Vesta Giles
Vandelso Productions Inc.

A genuine, creative, talented team

“A genuine, creative, talented team that is responsive, and truly gets the entrepreneur’s journey. A voice of calm reason and inspiration whenever it’s needed, on top of a breadth of experience. You can’t ask for better representation for any creative endeavour.”

Daniel Crenna
Principal Consultant
Conatus Creative Inc.

Will be using their services for years

“Byron is very responsive and always on time despite our super fast deadlines. Will be using their services for years to come :)”

Amir Zargara
Become the Wounded

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