We encourage our music clients to ask their professional partners: What are your expectations of me and my music?

From performers to music producers, we help our music clients understand and negotiate music agreements they have been offered and to prepare music agreements they want others to sign.

Music Services


From pop to hip hop, folk to rock, we assist performers to help ensure they control their music and brand, and to simplify the complicated web of music revenue streams.


We help film and TV composers negotiate composer agreements, focusing on scope of work, to performance rights royalties.


We work with producers to prepare and review producer agreements, including to clarify entitlements regarding composition, master and digital performance royalties.


We work with all kinds of managers, including momagers, both to draft management agreements and to assist with the legal needs of the manager’s music clients.


We help festivals regarding talent matters, including artist agreements and riders, sponsors and considerations regarding online concerts.

Other Music Companies

From artist run music labels to sync agents to music related apps, we help music entrepreneurs with their legal needs including to obtain the rights they require for success.

Other Industries and Services

Film & Television

Interactive Digital Media


Legal Support Services

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