We encourage our music clients to ask their professional partners: What are your expectations of me and my music?

From performers to music producers, we help our music clients understand and negotiate music agreements they have been offered and to prepare music agreements they want others to sign.

Film & Television Services

Acquisition & Development

We work with you on development, purchasing, licensing and option agreements to buy, sell or license the creative concepts on which your next projects are based.


We represent producers and sources of financing to structure your investment and loan agreements and to complete your production financings.


We advise you on Canadian and provincial tax credits, on Certified Independent Production Funds and Investment Agreements.

Production & Co-production

We negotiate and draft agreements with your production partners and clients - production services agreements, domestic, interprovincial and international co-production agreements.

Services Agreements

We draft employment and independent contractor template agreements that ensure you capture the rights you need to own and exploit your productions.


We represent producers and exploiters of film and television properties in their licensing, distribution and exhibition agreements.


We protect your interests in original intellectual property with confidentiality agreements and copyright and trademark registrations.

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