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We advise employers and employees in creative industries about their rights and obligations under Canadian employment law.

The relationship between employer and employee can be complex. Employees enjoy certain legal rights that employers must be aware of. Our team of experienced legal professionals prepare, review and negotiate your employment and independent contractor (freelance) agreements and provide legal advice about your rights and obligations in the workplace.

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Our Employment Law Services

We draft, review, negotiate and advise on employment and independent contractor (freelance) agreements.

Whatever your creative industry business, as it grows you are going to need to hire some assistance. We can help. Our legal team is experienced in drafting and reviewing industry-specific employment and independent contractor (freelance) agreements to ensure you acquire the intellectual property you’re paying for and protect your confidential information, and that your legal relationship with employees and independent contractors complies with the relevant provincial and industry standards.

We can assist in the preparation of workplace policies – anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, employee privacy, work-from-home and others – and advise with respect to legal obligations under relevant employment legislation and the common law.

Employment Law Agreements

Whether you are a film producer, music label, videogame developer or other creative business, we can help prepare the contracts you need to engage your workers. Some of the agreements we draft or review most frequently are discussed below. Don’t see the agreement you need? Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your situation and to provide an estimate for our services.
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Employment Agreement

An agreement between an employer and an employee setting out their rights and duties to each other with respect to the employment and the work product.

Independent Contractor Agreement

An agreement under which one person hires another to provide services as an independent contractor, a freelancer, rather than as an employee.

Confidentiality Agreement

An agreement to ensure that confidential information, yours and your client’s, is not misused or communicated to others by an employee or independent contractor.

Workplace Policies

Company policies that govern the workplace interactions of employees or independent contractors with each other and the company. Examples are overtime, health and safety, anti-harassment, discipline and work-from-home.

Termination Letter

A letter notifying an employee that their employment is being terminated, setting out their rights and obligations on termination and, often, including a full and final release of the employer.

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