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Canadians produce literary works that are then published or produced to be read or seen by readers and audiences around the world – we help make that happen. Our team of experienced publishing lawyers work with you as you write, publish, produce, license and copyright your literary works or the literary works of others.

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Writing may be seen as a solo venture, but it often involves others. These relationships raise legal issues that must be anticipated and addressed. Are you working with a co-writer, illustrator or agent? Are you in talks with a publisher who wants to publish your work, or a producer to adapt your work as a series or film? Perhaps you’re that agent, publisher or producer. As a writer or illustrator, publisher or producer, your focus is on the creation and exploitation of a written work. Leave the legal aspects to us.

Our Entertainment Lawyers are available to assist with all your publishing and literary legal requirements from writing, scriptwriting, co-writing or other collaboration agreements to publishing, shopping and option agreements, as well as agreements between writers and agents.

Publishing and Literary Agreements

We offer Agreements for every aspect of the writing, publishing, production and exploitation of literary works. Some of the agreements we draft or review most frequently are discussed below. Don’t see the agreement you need? Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your situation and to provide an estimate for our services.
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Co-Writing Agreement

An agreement between two or more Writers to create a literary work together.

Collaboration Agreement

An agreement between two or more Creators, including Illustrators, to create a literary work together.

Publishing Agreement

An agreement between a Publisher and a Writer to press, promote and distribute the Writer’s literary work either in Canada or globally.

Scriptwriting Agreement

An agreement between a Writer and a Film or TV Producer to write a screenplay, treatment or bible for a film or series.

Option Agreement

An agreement between a Writer and a Film or TV Producer giving the Producer an option to acquire rights in the Writer’s work.

Shopping Agreement

An agreement between a Writer and a Film or TV Producer giving the Producer the right to pitch or “shop” the Writer’s work to others.

Writing Services Agreement

An agreement between a Writer and any other party to write a specific literary work.

Agency Agreement

An agreement between a Writer and an agent under which the agent agrees to represent and promote the Writer’s services or works.

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