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Adrian Sutherland – Introduction

Out of the remote region of Attawapiskat First Nation on James Bay, comes singer, song writer, musician, writer, speaker, advocate, and entrepreneur Adrian Sutherland. This roots-rock recording artist with heart is fluent in Mushkegowuk Cree, he is a father of four, grandfather to four, a traditional knowledge keeper, and a respected cultural leader.

Midnight Shine

Prior to embarking on his solo music projects, Adrian is also the frontman for the all-Cree roots-rock band Midnight Shine, Adrian wrote three albums for release with the band. Debut single Politician Man, a protest song for Canada put out just before the 2019 federal election, reached #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and won Best Performing Arts & Entertainment at Canada’s oldest film festival. Second single, Respect The Gift debuted in January 2021 on The Strombo Show and American Songwriter Magazine, and topped #1 on the IMC.

Going Solo & Writing

Adrian completed tracking for his debut solo album, When The Magic Hits, (released September 17) from his own recording studio created from a shipping container during the fall of 2020. He also finished composing the television series Unsettled and began writing for Penguin Random House Canada about growing up in Attawapiskat – a remote and sometimes-harsh place he still chooses to call home. Expected release of Adrian’s first book is 2023.

Right Here, written with Tim Vesely and Colin Cripps, is the first single from Adrian’s solo album. The video for Right Here made from 1600 selfies, including featured stories on CBC News: The National, CityNews, CTV, and etalk, has been earning national attention. Once That Was You, released in August, is a beautiful ballad written with Jay Semko the day after the 2020 JUNO Awards were cancelled. “If this song is the appetizer, we can’t wait for the full meal…” (Ventipop Music).

Advocating for First Nations Communities

Adrian cares deeply about the many causes facing First Nations and uses his music and voice to share first-hand perspective on issues like contaminated water, housing shortages, food insecurity, addiction, and mental health. At a time of growing awareness about Reconciliation, Adrian is hopeful for Canadians to better understand one another, and take further steps together.

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