Edwards Creative Law Welcomes Entertainment Lawyer – Michael Duboff

Michael Duboff - Canadian Entertainment Lawyer

At Edwards Creative Law, we’re passionate about providing entertainment legal services that exceed our client’s expectations. To help us fulfill that commitment, we’re extremely pleased to welcome Michael Duboff to our growing team of Canadian Entertainment Lawyers.

Michael is an entertainment lawyer with a focus on film, television, immigration, and litigation. He has worked with a variety of artists, facilitating projects and performance opportunities, locally and across the US border, and assisting them with organizing their business structures.

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Born and raised in Winnipeg, Michael’s practice will have a special focus on Manitoba in addition to his Ontario clients.

Prior to working as a lawyer, Michael worked professionally in both the music and film/tv industries – as a musician in an alternative rock band and as a freelance director/writer/producer in Toronto and Vancouver. His passion for the arts and artists helps drive his practice and makes him grateful to be able to continue to work for and with the vibrant arts communities. Michael is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian/Ontario Bar Association, Onscreen Manitoba and Manitoba Music.

To book a call with Michael to discuss your entertainment law projects please visit our contact section.

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