COVID-19 Killed My Tour – Rights and Obligations – Part 1 – Venues

Tour – Rights and Obligations.

Tour – Rights and Obligations: Introduction

Tour – Rights and Obligations. We all want to limit health risks at home and in the communities that we visit on tour. As we consider the effects of COVID-19 on the live music industry and our individual roles, here is part one of a series of blogs to address some considerations likely on your mind, and a few others you might not have thought of.


Your rights and obligations related to the venue

  • Do you have a written agreement with the venue, either as a formal agreement or an email exchange?
  • If you were already paid a guarantee, what would give the venue the right to demand part or all of it back? If the guarantee was not paid, what would give the venue the right to withhold or reduce the payment?
  • Is there a cancellation policy? Does it give the venue the ability to cancel your show, without liability, a certain amount of time before the show takes place? What if the show needs to be cancelled for a reason outside of the venue’s control? For our blog on Force Majeure, click here.
  • What if the venue insists on the show proceeding but you don’t want to perform due to health concerns?

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Tour – Rights and Obligations: Where There is an Agreement

If you have an agreement, some or all these considerations may have been settled. If your shows are months away, you may want to get these and other typical venue agreement deal points straightened out, to ensure there is a clear understanding with the venues on your tour.

Before you agree to the cancellation of a show, check your agreement to see if your entitlements are affected by whether you consent to the cancellation.

For part two of this blog, regarding rights and obligations with your partners, from your band to your manager, click below.

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