Kenny Wilson

Kenny Wilson

Childhood Dreams Come True

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Kenny Wilson had spent his young life dreaming of writing a book. However, like most young people he never put his dreams into action. Later in life when he became a father, he made the decision to start writing his first book in 2017. When this book was published, he turned 40.

The first book he wrote was based on a story first told to his daughter Evelyn while she was being put to bed. That night as she slept in her bed, Kenny began writing Tommy and the Christmas Coal. Since then, Kenny had gone on to write his first series, The Adventures of Rabbit Girl. Starting in 2020 Kenny also made the decision to learn how to illustrate his own books.

Writing for A Good Cause

In addition to his engaging children’s books capturing the imaginations and hearts of young readers, Kenny Wilson is an outstanding literary and philanthropic contributor to Sudbury. His commitment to changing the world extends beyond storytelling, and he generously donates book profits to support charitable causes, particularly the NEO Children’s Foundation. NEO Kids is a foundation that helps raise money to buy medical equipment for the children’s facility at Sudbury’s hospital, Health Sciences North. This selfless act not only enriches the lives of children through literature, but also addresses their well-being and healthcare needs.

Transition from Book to Animation & TV Show

His literary works are not confined to the page; they spring to life, transcending the traditional boundaries of children’s literature. The enchanting tales penned by Wilson have captured the attention of the entertainment industry, leading to the animation of his stories.

Kenny originally wanted to transform his first book ‘Tommy and the Christmas Coal’ into an animated series, but it was shot down due to lack of animation funding. He never gave up and tried his best to reduce the cost of production by self-taught drawing and animation techniques. Eventually, he was approached by Eastlink Community TV to help produce the show. Kenny was also granted $40,000 from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC). All the voice actors are students at Sudbury’s That Creative Loft.

‘Rabbit Girl’ was Kenny’s second book to help his then seven-year-old daughter boost her self-confidence through a superhero character, Rabbit Girl, who overcomes her own doubts. Rabbit Girl and Friends was aired on Eastlink Community TV in Oct 2024. Additionally, the show was picked up by HG Distribution for Worldwide Sale.

The transition from book to animation serves as a bridge, connecting young readers to the dynamic world of visual storytelling, enhancing their experience, and bringing the joy of his characters and their adventures into the living rooms of families across the nation.

Source: Kenny Wilson

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