[2022] Global Toronto Music Conference & Showcase

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

Virtual (Zoom by Registration)


Global Toronto 2022 (GT22) will be held online from June 20-22, with pre-conference activities being held in Toronto in person from June 7-10, including a diverse selection of international and cross-country delegates.

Global Toronto is a music showcase and conference rooted in re-imagining a sustainable, equitable, and accessible future for the music sector. It is a platform to discover great music and create connections and professional contacts, while building community and creating a space to discuss and make change. More than just a marketplace, Global Toronto is also a meeting place, a global gathering in the tradition of our home, which has been a site of coming-together for millennia.

Finance – Artists Are a Business Session

You did the gig, but now what? Artists are creators, craftspeople, entertainers – and much more. Of all the hats artists wear, the Administrator/Contractor is perhaps the least understood – and most feared. But knowing that it’s also the most important, we gather experts from several sides of the admin process – the law, the art, the accounting – to help us RE:lax about, and come to an understanding of, subjects including taxes, fees, contracts and the other pieces of the “contractor” puzzle.


Byron Pascoe – Music Lawyer (Edwards Creative Law)

Tara Shannon – Musician, Producer (Willow Sound Records)

MELO-T – Music Producer, Record Label, Promotor, DJ (Afro Creative Records)

Alex Mills – Producer, Musician, Accountant


Registration is now open, click here to register.

Watch the official launch announcement live-streamed here

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