Choral Canada – Copyright Webinar

Thursday, May 25 (French Version) and Friday, May 26 (English Version)

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Copyright Law in the Canadian Choral Context

It has been two years since Choral Canada last had a webinar on copyright in the Canadian choral context and it is time for a refresher!

Join Choral Canada on Friday, May 26 at 2pm ET to discuss steps to follow for in person and online performances, as well as recent changes in copyright law. The same session will be held in French on Thursday, May 25 at 1pm ET.

Source: Choral Canada – Copyright Webinar

Event Information

This webinar is open to anyone who wishes to attend; membership with Choral Canada is not required to register. However, the webinar’s recording will only be made available to Choral Canada members in the Members Area of their website. Advanced registration is required.

Visit the Choral Canada’s website to register for this webinar:


Connect With Burt & Lyndra at the Choral Canada – Copyright Webinar

There will be substantial time for a live Q&A. Please submit questions in advance during the registration process. Only questions submitted by May 21st will be reviewed by the presenter.

Edwards Creative Law will be attending, and Entertainment Lawyers Burt Gidaro and Lyndra Griffith-Harnden would love the opportunity to answer your questions.

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