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Wednesday June 29, 2022

2:00 PM ET


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Established in 1966, the League of Canadian Poets is a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting poets, building poetic communities, supporting inclusive and equitable free expression, and promoting Canadian poets and Poetry.

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Join lawyers Ian Harris and Michael Duboff from Edwards Creative Law, Canada’s entertainment law boutique, to learn about copyright law, publishing, and option agreements.

Copyright 101

What is copyright?
Do I need to register to get copyright protection?
Is my idea protected?
What is copyrightable?
What does copyright protection provide?
How long does copyright last?


Publishing agreements: What is it – a publisher agrees to publish and distribute your work
Co-author/collaboration agreements: What is it – two creators (often two writers, or a writer and an illustrator) agree to work together
Writer agreements: What is it – a writer is engaged by another party to write
Common contract terms: Fees/compensation – who is paying and who is receiving payment, and what are the fees, Contingent compensation – is there any potential for back-end compensation, such as royalties, or percentages of revenue from the exploitation of the work, Services – what is the party being engaged to do
In copyright law, it is not enough for the contract to simply say that the non-writer owns the work, it needs to vest in them

Option Agreements

Work through sample option agreement


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