Future Revenue Streams – Online Royalties

Future Revenue Streams - Online Royalties

September 8, 2021

3:00 - 4:00 PM


Future Revenue Streams – Online Royalties

Music Pro Summit is where the art and business sides of the industry intersect, and showcase the next wave of music technology in the process. Attendees will hear from the experts on how to get their music placed in playlists, make money from live streaming, make money from online royalties, building your brand, marketing and PR, understanding data and how it can work for you and much more.


Attendees will also be able to connect with speakers and other attendees through the platform, arrange meet-ups, participate in discussions and make meaningful connections.


With the growing number of digital streaming platforms available to the consumer, it is important for a content creator and artist to understand what various royalty streams are available to both copyright owners and performers. This panel will explore the most recent advent of virtual live shows and its impact on royalty revenues as well as discuss potential new revenue streams which may be accessible in the music industry sector.


Speakers include Byron Pascoe (entertainment lawyer), Anne-Marie Smith (Founder & President, Lonestar Music Services) and Rebecca Webster (CMRRA).


Sponsors are Slaight Music and CDBaby. Festival/Conference Partners are Amplify Music, Breakout 2021 West, Global Toronto, PPM, ONGEA, SIM, Trends and VMF Pro.


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