Music Industry Email Scams – “It Started With an Email” Webinar

Music Industry Email Scams

Thursday, March 9, 2023

2:00 PM ET


About the Event

Music industry email scams – Cultural Industries Ontario North will be hosting a live recorded webinar with guest speaker Byron Pascoe of Edwards Creative Law on the importance of detecting such emails.

The emails in question usually begin the same way, expressing excitement of the artist’s work, a love for one of their songs and wanting to hop on a call soon to discuss options of a potential partnership. Sometimes even following up a week later to seem eager. For young artists who are starting out, reading an email like this, and hearing praise about your artwork can be so thrilling and exciting. What these artists might not know, is most of the time these types of emails are deliberately designed to cheat artists into signing away their royalties or even as far as asking for money upfront.

It’s very uncommon for reputable labels, distribution companies, PR firms and music industry related businesses to reach out by email to small developing artists inquiring about partnerships. Usually, partnerships with these types of industry folk are a slow build over time where the artist is now at a level where investing in the project is worth it. These artists may have been networking their way up to meeting these professionals, usually by playing shows or showcasing at festivals and inviting them to attend. When an artist is in its developmental stages, one of the first things they should take into consideration is who their audience is, who are similar artists in their genres and who are those artists working with that have great success. Those are usually the targeted team an artists would want to work with. If you’ve done all of this and encounter an unsolicited email and never heard of the company, chances are it’s a scam.

In this webinar, Byron and Melanie will be providing examples of these types of emails, sharing real stories, and explaining how companies can take advantage without you knowing.

The aim of this series is to assist artists in the protection their artwork with the hope of these artists one day working with a good reputable team. The use of a lawyer is always recommended before signing any documents however, it is hard to sometimes justify spending money on having a contract reviewed when you believe the opportunity is reasonable, and you don’t want to lose it by having a lawyer propose any changes to the agreement. Unfortunately, you may need a lawyer to help get you out of a situation before it begins. Source: CION

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Taking place Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET, online.


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