Music Law Primer Workshop – Long & McQuade London

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

7:00 PM

20 Meg Drive London South, Ontario, N6E 2X9

Music Law Primer Workshop featuring Music Lawyer Burt Gidaro. In this clinic, Burt will discuss the basics of copyright, contract law and business law and how they come together to form music law, and what anyone aspiring to make money from music would want to know legally.

Burt Gidaro is an entertainment lawyer with Edwards Creative Law and has extensive music industry experience. Based in Toronto , he works with labels, artists, and music producers. He served as Vice President/Head of Business Affairs for EMI Music Canada and subsequently served in the business affairs department of Universal Music (Canada). He serves on the Boards of the Country Music Association of Ontario, as well as Suite Melody Care (non-profits).

He has a music degree from York University, and is also an active Jazz and neo-soul piano player. In 2020, Burt received the Award of Recognition from Music Canada for his enduring impact on the Canadian Music Industry.

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