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SHIFTER Agency is a full-service content marketing, public relations and branding agency founded by husband-and-wife team Kevin and Koliah Bourne. Leveraging their connection with mainstream and pop culture, SHIFTER Agency help to present talent, companies and brands to the 18–35-year-old demographic giving their clients the desired exposure with significant cultural and social impact.

SHIFTER Agency specializes in crafting PR, content marketing, and communications strategies for talent, brands, organizations, and companies looking for cultural and social impact. At SHIFTER they are storytellers. Whether you’re working online or offline, they believe everything starts with a brand’s story and knowing who they are.

Their brand approach is summed in what SHIFTER Agency call the Four “I’s” of Impact (Identity: Know who you are and who you’re not, Integrity: Know, and work inline with your values, Influence: Know who you’re serving and how to serve them and Income: Know how to make money doing it), they are sharing with their clients what they have learned over years of helping their clients achieve success.

With their own Content + Production initiatives such as Shifter Magazine, OT Rising – Mini Doc Series, The Shifters – a Hip-hop talk show, Sneaker Shopping at New Balance, a TV Music Video Roundup segment on CTV News and The Morning Shift on CHUO 89.1, SHIFTER Agency has diversified their experience and expanded their message across a wide range of mediums of communication in the Canadian entertainment industry.

Koliah Bourne is a partner and head of finance and sponsorships at SHIFTER. Prior to SHIFTER, she provided finance and administrative services in the television, live theatre and concert promotions industries and most recently worked as Assistant to the VP of Finance and Operations at the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA). She then set her sights on the music industry studying Artist Management at Michael Smith & Associates and in 2018 became a member of the board of directors at the Odyssey Theatre. Koliah is currently working towards her Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Ottawa and is the Bookkeeper for Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC).

Kevin Bourne, also known as “KB”, is an Ottawa-based media/entertainment entrepreneur, freelance journalist, media personality, and more recently a TEDxKanata alumni. This former political staffer is a staple in Ottawa and Canada’s cultural landscape as both a commentator and freelancer—appearing nationally on CBC News Network, on CTV, CBC Radio, CityNews, and 580 CFRA, and having been published in ByBlacks, the Ottawa Citizen, and Ottawa Business Journal. Doubling as CEO of the PR and content marketing firm SHIFTER Agency Inc. and editor-in-chief at SHIFTER magazine, Kevin has covered some of Canada’s top red-carpet events, from the JUNOs to the Canadian Screen Awards. He is currently host of CBC Ottawa’s digital series “In The Loop”—a monthly look at the latest in the Ottawa music scene. He is a current board member at the Ottawa Film Office, a past board member at the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition and was recently named on the Ottawa Life Magazine’s Best of Ottawa: Activists & Changemakers list for 2020.

One of Byron’s first connections with the power couple of Koliah and Kevin, in the earlier days of the SHIFTER Empire, was a career fair / industry trade show put on by the Ottawa Film Office, which is one of the premiere public events put on by the Ottawa Film Office to help to connect emerging and experienced members of Ottawa’s arts and entertainment community. We’re looking forward to more events hosted by the Ottawa Film Office, to help forge new bonds amongst the arts and entertainment community.


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Updated to August26,2021

Author: Erin Moskal, Office Manager

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